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Nov 11 2008

Some LDS members leaving church over same-sex marriage controversy

Chris Vanocur with ABC 4 News in Utah.

“The strong backlash against the LDS Church over Proposition 8 is taking a new twist. LDS members – sometimes whole LDS families – say they are now leaving the Church because of its opposition to same-sex marriage.”


Read more or watch the video. 


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Nov 11 2008

Recent News and Media Links

Keith Olbermann Special Comment on Prop 8


Equality Utah reaches out to LDS Church for passage of gay rights bills


Church Issues Statement on Proposition 8 ProtestLDS Newsroom


Thousands in Salt Lake City protest LDS stance on same-sex marriage


Mormon Church Draws Protest Over Marriage Act –


Prop. 8 protesters target Mormon temple in Westwood – Los Angeles Times 


ABC 4’s coverage of the SLC Protest, the LDS Church’s response, the ACLU’s statement, and the Catholic Church’s Statement



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Nov 07 2008

Protest Scheduled – Friday, 6 pm – Salt Lake City

A protest against LDS Church support for California’s Proposition 8 is scheduled for Friday, 6 p.m., at North Temple and State Street in Salt Lake City.

If Jacob Whipple gets what he’s hoping for, at least 1,000 Utahns will turn out Friday night to protest the involvement of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in helping pass Proposition 8, a California ballot measure that effectively killed, at least for now, same-sex marriages in that state.
The call for people to gather at 6 p.m. at North Temple and State Street in Salt Lake City is to show solidarity with those protesting in California, Whipple explained. Among those hitting the streets were about 3,000 who gathered Thursday afternoon outside the LDS Temple in Westwood, a neighborhood of Los Angeles, bearing signs including one featuring a photo of a gay couple with the words,”Why is this joy and love so scary,” The Los Angeles Times reported.
“We want to show we share their pain, and here, at the heart of the church, we want to stab it,” said Whipple, of Salt Lake City.
The 29-year-old former LDS Church member, who served a mission in Argentina, was helping to get the word out late Thursday about the Utah protest. He said he and others were seeking support through e-mails, text messages, social networking Web pages and old-fashioned phone calls.

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Oct 31 2008

Linda Stay, St. George, UT – Candlelight Gathering in SLC & St George

Please spread the word!


Unite for an evening of LOVE and ACCEPTANCE,
Music and Support for our Gay and Lesbian community

WHAT: Candlelight Gathering

WHEN: Sunday Nov 2, 6:00 pm

WHERE: Vernon Worthen Park
300 S 400 E – St George or
Salt Lake City Library Plaza 200 E 300 S

Want to feel like you’re making a difference……then make one!


As the LDS Church attempts to exclude gay people from the right to marry, a group of Mormon mothers are stepping forward in support of their gay children and the larger gay community.

At the mothers’ urging, PFLAG, Equality Utah, the Pride Center, the Inclusion Center, Affirmation, and the Human Rights Campaign have joined together and scheduled a candlelight gathering for all supporters of homosexual friends and neighbors this Sunday evening, November 2nd, 6:00 p.m. at the Vernon Worthen Park in St George. This is in conjunction with an event in the Salt Lake City Library plaza at 6:00 p.m.

The gathering is open to the general public, gay, straight, Mormon and non-Mormon alike and is intended to be a positive pro-community show of support, love and inclusion.
There will be a short program featuring Mormon mothers. Candles will be provided for everyone following the program and there will be a candlelight procession around the city block of the park. 

This event is free. Everyone sympathetic to gay civil rights is encouraged to attend. The sponsoring groups foster equality for all people.

Contact Linda Stay 435-674-0994

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Oct 24 2008

Prop 8: California gay marriage fight divides LDS faithful

The church’s effort against gay marriage is its most vigorous since 1970

Article in the Salt Lake Tribune by Peggy Fletcher Stack.

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Oct 19 2008

Links to News Coverage of’s Letter, Petition, and Flower Delivery to LDS Church Headquarters.

Associated Press:


KHAS-TV news in Nebraska:


ABC4’s Coverage:


KSL’s Coverage:


KSTU Fox 13’s Coverage:;jsessionid=77E126C66C01B8856E14CBAEE11DF5A6?contentId=7670309&version=9&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1


KUTV’s Coverage:


Radio Interview on KCPW in Salt Lake.


The Salt Lake Tribune:


The Deseret News:,5143,705255865,00.html,5143,705256207,00.html

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Sep 28 2008

Hastings man’s activism may result in excommunication

An article in the Hastings Tribune about Andrew Callahan’s possible excommunication for opposing Proposition 8.

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Sep 28 2008

Nebraska man’s LDS disciplinary hearing delayed

ABC-4 news in SLC reports that Andrew Callahan’s disciplinary council has been delayed by LDS Church officials until sometime in November.

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Sep 25 2008

Man faces possible excommunication from LDS Church for supporting same sex marriage

News footage and trancripts aired on ABC 4 news in Utah about the impending Church Court and possible excommunicaton of Andrew Callahan, one of the SigningForSomething Comittee Members who assisted in designing and maintaining the website.


Man faces possible excommunication from LDS Church for supporting same sex marriage.

Nebraska man’s pending LDS discipline hearing sparks discussion.

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Sep 24 2008

Church threatens local man with excommunication

A top local story from KHAS-TV  about the impending disiplinary action being taken against Andrew Callahan, one of the members of the SigningForSomething committee, who helped design and maintain

“I believe in standing up for what I believe in and I guess, unfortunately I am not supposed to stand up for what I believe in if I disagree with them and I do,” said Callahan.

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