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Aug 30 2008

Captain Moroni, Zion – Questions I’ve been trying to get answered..

We know that gays currently have a right to marry here in CA. We also know that D&C 134:4 says that those who let “their religious beliefs prompt them to infringe upon the rights and liberties of others ” are not in synch with God. Why are we disobeying scripture?

We squeeled like a pig under a gate when others used their religious opinions to infringe upon a weak and unpopular minority (us) by dictating what constitutes a legal marriage. Now we are doing the same thing to others. Why are we being 2 faced?

Jesus said to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God, that which is God’s. The religious aspect of marriage is where the Church comes in. We set standards for temple worthiness and other qualifications. The secular/legal aspect of marriage belongs to Caesar. These include tax laws, inheritance laws, child custody laws, alimony, etc…. Why is the Church ignoring Christ’s words?

Please visit for a comprehensive discussion of all topics related to LDS support of infringing upon the rights and liberties of others regarding marriage.

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Aug 29 2008

Betty W. Johnson, Aloha, Oregon – Stop the hypocrisy

Stop hiding behind “love the sinner, hate the sin” rhetoric and call what you do what it is – bigotry. No, my brethren, you do NOT love gay people. You do not understand them, you do not empathize with them. You do not care about them or their families.

Your manipulation of church members and requests for donations is sickening. Freedom of thought and freedom of conscience does not exist within the Mormon Church. Stop pretending that it does.

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Aug 26 2008

Gabriella, saint george UTAH – proposition 8

believe in liberty, intellectual freedom, and basic civil rights. No church or even group of churches should decide for the general public regarding who can and cannot marry.

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Aug 25 2008

Joan Zielinski, Seattle, WA – Equality in Marriage

As a happily married woman of fifty years’ duration I wish that could be the case for our gay friends. To deny them that is to be bigoted. How can you be kind and good while shutting out that segment of our population from the happiness we feel? It is no threat to your well-being. Let them enjoy the same rights that the other 90 percent of us have.

Joan Zielinski

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Aug 25 2008

Peter McMurray, Massachusetts – I support marriage equality

Some of the most beautiful experiences of my life have come from being married and having the opportunity to share life–with all its ups and downs–with my wife. It deeply saddens me to hear that our Church is trying to limit the blessings of family and marriage by aggressively supporting Proposition 8.

If we truly believe that we are all brothers and sisters sent here to earth to learn to love one another and lift each other’s burdens, how can we in good conscience wreak such havoc in the lives of others?

I am proud to live in a state that allows gay marriage and supports a tolerant, inclusive understanding of what a family can be. I hope that those same rights can continue to be enjoyed in California.

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Aug 24 2008

Leigh McInnis Gaetjens, San Francisco, CA – why prop 8 is wrong, my brieft story

Leigh “Lee” McInnis Gaetjens
PO Box 425081 San Francisco, CA 94142
(713) 578-0016 www, * (415) 678-0859

Sunday, August 24, 2008
Bishop Or Branch President
San Francisco YSA Ward
1601 22nd ave San Francisco, CA 94142

Subject: prop 8 from a (prior) member whom was NOT ex-commutated

Dear Bishopric of San Francisco,

My (Prior) Name was McInnis Lee Gaetjens; I was born on January 18th 1981 to Kathryn McInnis Gay and Martin Clark Gaetjens, to good parents. My father in my youth started binge drinking and became an alcoholic. My parents split my mother went back to her hometown of New Orleans, LA. My father was originally from New York City. My Parents moved here in the late 1960s/ early 1970s.

I was a convert to the church in Harvey, LA at the west bank Its ward, under the bishopric and later branch president of John Friday whom served there for a years and later resigned due to being displaced by his job with hurricane Katrina.

I was semi-active in the New Orleans YSA ward, the the Brays Bayou YSA Yard in Houston, Texas. I fell away from the church in Louisiana long before Katrina. I do believe in the church, but my Transsexual /Gender Identity and sexual orientation, caused me much comfort, with relocating to Houston, Texas for my job after Katrina. For a while, I was with the Sam Houston YSA Ward, under Bishop Craig Petty.

I started binge drinking around Christmas 2005, and drank until 7-13-2007 off and on, struggling with my issues, I am writing this letter to this disgust and questionable legal status of the church as a 501©3 non-profit meddling in police rallying and activism.

I also can tell you from personal experience in cities I have visited many people don’t speak up, about the pain, I drank because I was afraid, I was abused at my job in Houston, I was abused in my apartment, I had my home violated, and was blackmailed and extorted due to the state of Texas, my drinking and self-distortive behavior. It is likely I will never recive justice for my hate crime and sexual assault by co-workers. I could not turn to the church for help, however I do know many closeted members even some married and on bishoprics, high councils, and other callings.

The point is the church teaches that we are supposed to be kind and loving, and respectful of individually, many of us commit suicide, adultery or drink or fall into other vices. I think the church should change just as it did with African Americans and the priesthood in 1978.

The church widespread discirmaties in a state, and sponsors discirmation for voters and individuals freedoms and civil liberties . The local leadership and high counsel and headquarters in salt lake city should allow us equal privileges and rights

I would like to sit down and discuss this matter with you

I can be reached at

(415) 678-0859
Leigh McInnis Gaetjens is my current legal name
PO Box 425081
San Francisco, CA 94142
WWW. LEEMCG.COM(blog/photos/art/webpage)

For the most Part, I still do believe in the church but why should I worship where I am actively persecuted against, and I do follow the principles and teaching of the church, with the exception of some, which discriminate and are old and dated to GLBTQ members.

The reason I became sober at Lambda Center in Houston Texas was due to having a vision, similar to Joseph smith, I was in an auto accident, and was Tazered, beaten, and handcuffed and lost 3 hours of my life in cardaric arrest, heart attacks and blackouts in Jan 2007 ,

Furthermore, band as a direct result to my actions served sometime in The Harris County Jail Saw my (dead) mother, relative and also was told I was loved, and still feel my heavenly father, and know he loves me for the real “me”.

it angers me that I am unwelcome to worship in a church whom actively discriminates against Transsexual-women, and I left, I would love to rejoin, but why rejoin if I am unwelcome.

Your sister in Christ and Sobriety,

Leigh “LEE” McInnis Gaetjens

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Aug 24 2008

Leigh McInnis Gaetjens, San Francisco, CA – Gender Identity; sexual orientation

I allmost killed myself overthe church, I was a convert in my early 20s Left thechurch in my mid 20s.

More could be leanred about my and my trans issues and sexual orientation on my blog and website

I have been actvie in the church between Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, New Orleans, Baton Rouge

My Birth name was McInnis Lee Gaetjens

I started mytranstion between Houston Tx, New Orleans, LA SanFrancisco CA.

I left the church at the brays bayou YSA ward in Houston, TX in late 2007

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Aug 24 2008

Leigh McInnis Gaetjens, San Francisco, CA – equity

we need equity for all individual even transexuals and transexual lesbians.

I was a convert and left the chruch. I get told I am disgusting, evil, the devil, and even some whole familys pulled their childern out between Houston, Texas; New Orleans, LA; SanFrancisco, CA

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Aug 23 2008

Karen Rosenbaum, Kensington, CA – Proposition 8 repercussions

I am lucky to be in a ward and stake where the main concern of those in charge seems to be potential divisiveness among members. The instructions I have heard from these local leaders is “Love and respect one another.”

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Aug 23 2008

Afghan Chief, Bagram, Afghanistan – Equal Protection for All

I am currently deployed in Afghanistan. I am sworn to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic.

Making this comment is a small way to defend the U.S. Constitution against the efforts of the LDS Church to solidify their anti-gay agenda into the California State Constitution by denying gays the equal protections under the law provided to heterosexual couples. Few things have disturbed me more since deploying than hearing of the LDS Church’s campaign against gays.

The LDS Church’s efforts are bringing suffering to real people and are undermining gay couples efforts to pursue committed, responsible relationships. I hope that the young members coming into leadership will see the fundamental immorality of such actions and will open their minds and hearts to providing the protections of our inspired Constitution to all citizens.

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