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Nov 30 2008

Peter Cervantes, San Francisco CA – i want my tithing back

as a kid, whenever i got money as a kid for my birthday, my parents took 10 percent from my stash and made me contribute my tithe to the church.

can i get that back?

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Nov 30 2008

Liz Burnside, Vancouver WA – Tax-Exempt status

Yes, that’s what churches have been hiding behind. The Mormon church has finally stepped way over the line and started interfering in secular politics. I wonder which lawmaker will be courageous enough to introduce a bill taking away their tax-exempt status.

This isn’t religion. It’s demagoguery. The entire church should be ashamed, but I think they got over THAT a long time ago.

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Nov 30 2008

Karin Wells, New Hampshire – Religion of Intolerance

Heretofore I’ve been nice to you but I cannot wait until the next Mormon Missionary knocks on my door…..I’ll give those sad little intolerant souls an earfull.

Shame on them for peddling such religious bigotry and intolerance.

Karin Wells

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Nov 30 2008

Guy Zewadski, Reno, NV – leaving LDS

I followed a link to this Board, and, after reading some of the letters, thought I’d lend my support to those who are choosing to follow their conscience in such a difficult decision.

It is no easy decision for many, especially those with old family & history, to leave their Church.

My choice to leave, years ago, revolved around politics too, and a variety of personal reasons, but I think it was sitting before the new (then) Veterans Memorial, on the grounds of the State Capital, having a moment of memory for my California buddies lost, that it hit me-

There were almost no Utah veterans from the Vietnam war listed on the Memorial, and the few there were were older men, probably career soldiers left from the Korean war. Of course the Utahans avoided the draft by going on missions, and college deferments, but there must have been Utahans that could have served.

If the LDS were pacifists like the Quakers I’d not have thought twice, but the realization that they are mostly conservative war hawks, and draft dodgers, struck me.

It is not insignificant to note that Utahans cannot amend their State Constitution by an Initiative process. Why? They don’t want the citizens to be able to change their Constitution without their legislators (LDS men) first haggling it over. Why the LDS couldn’t extend the same caution and courtesy to Californians should be disturbing.

Let me say, finally, that anyone who has lived “in the shade of the temple” (Utah) knows the extent the Church is involved in politics, and their many methods. If this is offensive to an LDS person- enough to leave- and you are mature enough to leave such an enveloping “cultish” group- there is a recent resurge of interest in the “Christian Realism” of Reinhold Niebuhr, United Church of Christ, because of David Brooks interview of Obama- and they recognize your LDS baptism… perhaps you’ll find some comfort there if organization & fellowship is important for you.

You could also take comfort in Tolstoy, Gandhi, and MLK’s conclusions, i.e. “The Kingdom of God is Within”!

It doesn’t hurt to watch the Mondo King (Trent Harris) movie: “Plan 10 from Outer Space” to get the real LDS story straight.

Good Luck, and God Speed!

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Nov 30 2008

Polly Hutcheson, Cloverdale, Ca – not interested now

The Mormon church has a large following here in Cloverdale, and several of its members are public school teachers. There was even a letter to the editor describing how gay people should be persecuted through Prop 8.

I am disgusted with the Church. I am worried that these teachers are spreading the message of hate and intolerance.

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Nov 30 2008

Michael Dawson, San Francisco, CA – Where are they going?When to resign

I chose to wait for my last parent to pass before resigning. I think it is a choice one has to make when the time is right for the individual and their family.
For me, I did not wish to run the risk of the church entangling my mother in an emotional seesaw.

My last parent both of whom I loved dearly and will always cherish, passed this year.

Now is the time for me to resign.

To answer the question: Where are we going?

For myself, I have chosen a path of personal connection to god as I was taught, but without the participation in the churches of this world that are constructs of man.

When I feel the need for fellowship or group participation, I will go and share light, love and joy with people like, Quakers, Unitarians and other groups that do not look down on or discriminate against people because of their race gender or orientation.

Each day, I walk with god and I thank the divine for the precious and joyous gift of this life. My moral compass is founded in love and expressed through compassion.

The personal journey is scary sometimes, but it has such rewards and such moments of profound insight and understanding of creation, I can not walk any other path.

My choice is to recognize my fears and to face them, not let them rule my life.

I would offer this advice:
Any church, group or other structure that seeks to deliver you, or uses fear in any of its forms to entice you into conformity is a danger to your soul and the path of those who would seek truth, love and communication with god.

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Nov 30 2008

James Harold Smith, Somerville, MA – Church Opposition to Human Rights Shameful

As a direct descendent of Willard Richards, who was in jail with Joseph Smith when Smith was killed, I am profoundly ashamed at the Anti-Human-Rights actions of my church in working to rescind the constitutional protections of gay people in California.

The irony of a church whose own marriage practice of Polygamy was outlawed, and whose Human Rights record in prohibiting Blacks from holding the priesthood for 150 years, opposing the marriage rights of yet another minority in our polity, is indeed a Tragic Irony.

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Nov 30 2008

Raelyn Maxwell, Chicago, IL – Resignation of Faith as a Latter Day Saint

Let this letter serve as my official resignation of my faith as a Latter Day Saint. Although my faith in the church hasn’t been practiced for somet time, I now no longer want any affiliation with the church. I haven’t been active since I was in Seminary in high school, and with news of the recent events I now have been reminded why I quit beleiving so long ago. “Free Agency” is what the LDS religion teaches….it is choice…it is a gift. Iv’e been taught this since Primary. At this time I choose to practice my “free agency”. I ask the Latter Day Saints that pay their tithing (10% of their income) so diligently. . . . What they think funded Prop 8? Choose The Right!

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Nov 29 2008

Melinda Wallace, Salt Lake City, Utah – Lord, our Law-Giver

I have already posted once, but felt the need to share my thoughts. I am still in deep despair over the events of the last few months.

My great-grandfather Hurst had two precious wives, my great-grandmother and her younger sister.

As Mormon Pioneers, they crossed the plains at great hardship and suffering, sometimes stopping to bury a child who had not survived the bitter cold or hunger.

Once settled in Utah, they thought they were finally safe – that is until the Federal Government invaded their homes once again. My great-grandfather loved his family, so dearly, so greatly. He testified of this his entire life and lived only for the love of his wives and his children. He took his entire family and left the U.S. for Mexico where he rebuilt his life.

In my entire life, I have never meet more Christ-like people then his children. They learned to love, learned to sacrifice, learned to be totally unselfish, learned to protect each other and care for others more then self. I loved them and will always love them.

Their sacred marraige, solemized in the LDS Temple that they helped built through their own toil, sweat and sacrifice is now ILLEGAL, judged immoral and there is a constitutional amendment that will stand as a witness forever that their love was recognized by State.

By voting for California Proposition 8, the LDS Church has disowned its own heritage, the heritage of its members and disavowed God’s laws of marraige as set forth in section 132 of the Doctrine and Covenants – stating forever that their belief is that marraige is “between one man and one women”.

My great grandfather would be an Adulterer, my grandmother a bastard, and my life, the lives of my children and grandchildren invalid by the state.

God will not forget. The selfish act of voting to invalidate the marriage of another, invalidates you, your heritage, your lineage.


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Nov 28 2008

Tom Clark, Los Angeles – If I could do it again I would.

If it were possible to resign my membership in the mormon church again I’d do it again to show solidarity with those of you who are resigning over mormon involvement in Prop 8.

Your letters are inspiring and encouraging. Thank you for standing with those of us in the gay community who really need your strength right now as we fight to get our rights back.

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