Nov 07 2008

Roger Webb, Mesa, AZ – Waiting for my excommunicaiton

I’ve already been told I’m being excommunicated based on the stories my ex wife has told. I am going to wait for the hearing, because I have many things that need to be said! I left the church on my own accord having lost my belief in many principles… I had NO ill feelings about the church until I witnesses the atrocity that happened in CA and AZ. I was sick to my stomach. I was able however to use this as a powerful lesson to my children.

I just moved back into the neighborhood that I lived in when I was an active married member with my family. It saddens me to see the HUGE lack of acceptance I’ve been received with based on words these people were told about me. I see NO Christianity among my neighbors with one exception. It got even worse when I place my “No on 102″ signs in my yard. What a sad state of “Zion!”

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