Nov 12 2008

Paul Nelson, Columbus, Ohio – Finally did it

Though I have been inactive for my entire adult life, I never thought it very important to go through the clerical formality of resigning from the LDS church. I also enjoyed my status as a “Jack Mormon,” and as a professional historian, was even a bit proud of my identity as a sixth generation Utah Mormon. It was, and is, who I am.

However, with the church’s recent involvement in the passage of Prop. 8, I felt that now was truly the time to resign; less for me than to actually get a message of dissent through to the General Authorities.

And now it looks like most of my immediate family feels the same way! I will continue to love Utah, to eagerly read Mormon history, both pro and con, and to appreciate this uniquely American religion for the good that it has done. However, my personal involvement with the church of today is through, and not a moment too soon.

–Paul Nelson

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