Jul 04 2008

Jason Hosler

Recent action taken by the First Presidency in support of a constitutional amendment in the State of California, by marshaling its constituents to vote away the rights of same gender couples, has rallied us to the cause of freedom.”

For too long there have been those who for their various reasons have been opposed to the teachings coming from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.   Some disagree with the bigotry displayed towards those of African descent, some cried foul at the whitewashing of church history, some have suffered misogyny at the hands of their husbands and priesthood leaders, and others, in their despair over the church teachings on homosexuality, have lost their lives.  A plethora of groups have arisen from the ashes of the neglect, hostility and sometimes outright abuse enabled through the church.  You have sheltered the weak and sought justice in an authoritarian culture, and against all odds have sometimes succeeded in bringing change.

But it is not enough.  Our voices are silenced by the overwhelming presence of dogma, divided through the threat of expulsion and shunning by our loved ones.  We have been muzzled so that our message will not reach the ears of those who might be willing to listen.  And now the Church is taking its views and imposing them upon the very constitutions and governments of America.

A man once urged us to stand for something.  And now in the integrity of our hearts, because our conscience will allow us to do no less, we make our stand.  Our weapons will be our names, fixed to the standard of justice provided us by our great nation.  We will sign for freedom, sign for justice, sign for something.  Because if we don’t sign for something now, we are legitimizing the very organization that continually proves itself unworthy of such credence.

Here I stand, ready to sacrifice family and friends, a life I loved and beliefs I treasured to do what is right.  I will resign my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to support freedom.  I urge you to join me, together we can be strong.  Sign for change, sign for a brighter future, sign for a stand against abuse, but don’t just stand there and watch, sign for something.

Sydney Duncan came up with the idea of a mass resignation in protest to the church’s recent action against our civil liberties in California. She started a thread at the website, postmormon.org, and the idea caught fire.  I volunteered to help however I could and created the signforsomething.org website.  Andrew Callahan helped me with the direction and name sign for something.  So many people have come together in support of this idea it is truly overwhelming.

You may not agree with what I wrote above, but that is the beauty of the sign for something movement.  You may not feel like you should resign, or perhaps you resigned long ago.  Still you too can sign for something.  By casting our net wide we can draw in all the people who want to send a statement to the Church, regardless of their position in life.

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