Aug 27 2008

Andrew Callahan — Website Owner

My name is Andrew D. Callahan.  I am one of the organizers of this website, Signing for Something.

Shortly after the First Presidency’s message was read, I began corresponding with a group of like-minded folks, and before long Signing for Something was born.  I am the owner of the domain Signing for Something, but I am by no means the owner or even necessarily a chief architect of the movement of LDS members to speak out on this issue.

I am a High Priest.  I have served in various local leadership positions: high council, bishop’s first counselor, counselor in the stake mission presidency, elders quorum president, ward clerk, Sunday school president, and many other callings.  I have three sons who are seminary graduates, two of whom have completed full-time missions in Europe.  I actively taught my children the doctrines and principles of the gospel.

The teaching to “Love One Another” seems to me to govern ALL of our interactions with our brothers and sisters on the Earth, including our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters.  I believe that the First Presidency’s interpretation of scripture to mean that entire classes of people must be deprived of basic civil rights falls short of the teaching to Love One Another.  Unfortunately, our church leaders have done this before, when they felt it was appropriate to withhold both civil rights and church blessings from black people.  Eventually, the church leadership saw the error or their ways and abandoned the false traditions of their fathers concerning black people.  This website is an effort to help the church leaders see the error of their ways now, and to abandon the false traditions of their fathers concerning gay and lesbian people.

Andrew D. Callahan
Hastings, Nebraska

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