Carol Bastian, Mountain View, CA – Resigning – Ashamed of LDS Church

I was sent this website by a relative I am close to who is homosexual. I am resigning from the LDS church and here is part of my letter. I am so sad at the way he and every gay person has been treated and will no longer allow myself to be associated with the LDS faith.

I considered resigning from the church when the church would not allow black persons the priesthood. When this was changed, I was heartened to think that this was a living church that would change what was incorrect. I understand that the church has taken the stand regarding homosexuality because of the belief that this is God’s will. Any God who would create a homosexual would not condemn that same individual for being that creation. I am not homosexual, but I have seen what hate and discrimination can do to people who are condemned and misunderstood by society. I will not stand with a church who uses its’ power and platform to encourage the infliction of more pain upon the innocent. Just because someone is homosexual does not make that person a sinner. It is what a person does with the burdens given that determine a life well-lived. It is not the place of the church to judge. A religion that harbors this kind of hate is not a religion that I want to uphold as my own.

As a Californian, I am deeply ashamed to be associated with a church that would so openly condemn others and campaign for their rights as citizens to be removed