John H. Gagon, Chantilly VA – Resigning over ridiculous political involement and gay issues

I’m resigning because of the horrific experience I had to go through growing up closeted in church and the church’s pursuit of my misery politically even after I quietly became inactive.

1. God does not make junk
2. God does not want me to lie to his daughters
3. God does not think it’s good for me to alone. PERIOD.

As a church that has engaged in a polygamous buffet, it’s hypocritical and a poor example to expect a lifetime of absolute celibacy and chastity belts from normal same sex oriented men and a double standard as an example.

You preach that church members should show love but they will never show love towards someone with “SSA” at church.  So many of your old farts think it’s hogwash and that isn’t going away soon.  Yah, keep up the great PR.

No more to say to you,