John H. Gagon, Chantilly VA – Resigning over ridiculous political involement and gay issues

I’m resigning because of the horrific experience I had to go through growing up closeted in church and the church’s pursuit of my misery politically even after I quietly became inactive. 1. God does not make junk2. God does not want me to lie to his daughters3. God does not think it’s good for me […]

Dynette Reynolds, Rock Cliff 4th Ward, Ogden, UT – Letter resigning my membership

[This is the exact text of the letter I sent to my bishop in September 2009, after ward members began confronting me at church and calling me a socialist/terrorist/communist because my husband ran for state office as a Democrat in the 08 election.] Dear Bishop: This letter is to request that you remove my name […]

Leslie Switzer, Toronto, Canada – I must follow my own sense of integrity

Most of the major ills of the world have been caused by well-meaning people who ignored the principle of individual freedom, except as applied to themselves, and were obsessed with fanatical zeal to improve the lot of man kind-in-the-mass through some pet formula of their own … The harm done by ordinary criminals, murderers, gangsters, […]

Kathy Stickel, South Royalton, VT – Seminary teacher chooses Christianity over Mormonism

I want my name removed from the records of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints immediately. I can no longer stand to be associated with this organization and its anti-gay paranoia and lies. Those in the local congregation in Vermont have been wonderful, but the leadership in Salt Lake has politicized the church […]

Gail Floyd Bartholomew, Corvallis 1st Ward Corvallis Oregon Stake – Post prop. 8

Dear Brethren, I am writing another letter after the passing of prop. 8. I am struggling to understand why it is taking so long for you to tell the full story about your involvement in the campaign. I also struggle to understand your lack of movement on the Common Ground Campaign. Looking at your statements […]

Dan O’Leary, Aliso Viejo, CA – Yes on 8’s Lies Unraveling

In their attempt to exempt themselves from California’s campaign finance laws, Yes on 8 took their case to Federal Court and lost. It’s a good thing for us they did.Yesterday, the LDS Church finally released their accounting of their donations to Yes on 8. It totaled over $180,000. It’s a far cry from their previously […]