Donna Nagel, Boise, Idaho – Love Casteth Out Fear

A few years ago, I resigned my membership in the LDS Church. The reasons are many, however I was not offended nor did I have a desire to live a life void of values and spirituality.

As I grew and changed, I came to understand that I needed to live a more authentic life, with my beliefs grounded in honesty. No person or organization is perfect, but a testimony must be based on all the facts, and one must be allowed to doubt and question, so that truth is indeed part of the foundation of one’s hope.

I could no longer answer the temple recommend questions honestly that ours was the one true church on the face of the earth. This was my revelation: that to use our agency and make decisions out of love and not fear brings us closer to our Heavenly Father. My faith is strengthened knowing I can listen to and trust My own Voice. I do not believe that Christ’s Church would exclude any person. No exceptions. I feel the Church has lost sight of what is really important by putting their political ambitions above members of their own Faith. There are thousands of Gay members in and sadly, now, out of the church who have devoted their lives, love, money and time to the Church. I say, proudly now, without shame, that I am one of them.

Religious organizations should be less concerned about losing their freedoms and more concerned about losing their own members. I have lost respect for the Leaders of the Church. From the pulpit, they preach fear and bigotry in sweet tones. There is no Gay Agenda. Marriage and Family will not be destroyed by other people who are trying to live and love and be together as families. Love builds and can create. Satan wants to destroy the family? Really? Who gives him that much power? Only those, who are afraid and can’t follow their own truth and light.

Donna J. Nagel