Nov 06 2008


A comprehensive and reliable source of information about resigning from the Mormon Church is the website:  Please visit that site for detailed and specific information on the best way to go about resigning.

The basics of resigning are as simple as writing a letter and mailing it to the Membership Records office in Salt Lake City.  If any part of your reason for resigning involves the Church’s stance on gay marriage (Prop 8, etc.), please also consider posting a copy of your letter on this site using the “Add Your Letter” button at the top of the page.  (Remember, posting your letter here will NOT constitute a resignation from the church, you must mail it to a church official.)

If you are resigning, or have already resigned, from the Mormon Church at least in part because of its stance on homosexuality, gay marriage, please complete one of the forms below. This information will not be displayed on the website. Your name and city/state will be delivered to the Mormon Church when we present them with the information on who has left the church over this issue.

If you are resigning now, or in the immediate future, please complete this form.


If you resigned before November 2008, please complete this form.

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